4 Reasons for Purchasing a Used Bucket Truck

Bucket trucks are vehicles that you would commonly see driving up and down the streets and highways of the United States, but what exactly are they and what are they used for? This is a truck that is commonly referred to as a boom truck, utility truck, or crane truck. It is a truck that has an arm with a bucket on it that one or more people can get in and be lifted into the air. Hence the name bucket truck. Here are some of the common and uncommon reasons why someone might purchase a bucket truck dealer.

Utility Lines

When you think about boom trucks, utility workers tend to be the first profession that comes to mind. Utility workers would use a bucket truck that has also been specially insulated to protect them from the high voltage they are working near. Obviously, utility workers would not usually purchase boom trucks. They would be provided through the company they work for.


Window Washing

There are some boom trucks that can extend more than 60 feet in the air. This makes them a quick and convenient option for washing the exterior of mid-sized office structures. The truck provides an easy and safe way for window washers to be hoisted into the air and close enough to the windows to actually wash them.

Fruit Picking

When you think about a professional fruit picker, cherry picker is the first truck that comes to mind. Cherry pickers are very heavily used in this industry. A cherry picker, however, is a type of bucket truck. It is just referred to as a cherry picker because it is commonly used to pick cherries as well as other fruits.

Animal Rescue

Cats, dogs, and lots of other animals get stuck in trees, on top of houses, and even on utility lines. A boom truck is the easiest and safest way to rescue the terrified animal. Animal rescuers are able to rescue tons of animals every year thanks to bucket trucks.

Hanging decorations, security detail, and exterior painting are a few other reasons someone would need to use a boom truck. This a type of truck you see just about every day even if it is not a truck you would ever need to drive. They are an important part of making a lot of things possible for society. Imagine how different things would be for a number of different professionals if boom trucks did not exist.

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